Lazy Zone Vacations requires all guests to abide by our House Rules which are provided at the time of inquiry/reservation request. Our Rental Agreement contracts and waivers explain our cancellation policy, guest responsibilities and expectations, as well as releasing owners/managers and representatives from any liability for guest injury, personal property damage, etc. Rental Agreement, Pet Fee & Waiver-exclusive for guests traveling with pets staying at Dog Dayz, and our Underage Traveler Rental Agreement-applicable to any groups of travelers under the age of 25, such as college spring break, high school senior trips, or chaperoned groups where most of the guests are under the age of 25. These contracts must be read, acknowledged, signed/dated/initialed by the required parties, and returned to Lazy Zone Vacations/Owners prior to any access information to property being provided. These documents are considered a requirement for booking so any reservation requested, even if paid in full, is considered incomplete until all required documents/agreements/Photo ID's have been received by Lazy Zone Vacations.

Please Note: The exterior of our properties are under video surveillance. Video footage is not under constant monitoring and images/data are not stored long term, shared, or otherwise used for any purpose other than reviewing recent footage in the event of possible accident, incident, violation, law enforcement interaction, or other like events. Outdoor cameras record in real time and may be monitored and reviewed by owners/law enforcement/insurance representatives in the event of theft, damage, injury on property, trespassing, reported violation of rental agreement terms, police/sheriff dispatch to properties, reported ordinance violations, etc. The exterior of the properties shall not be considered areas with reasonable expectation of privacy.

By making payment on a reservation, you agree that all guests in your group have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the Rental Agreement/Underage Traveler Rental Agreement (if applicable) and that Owners/Managers/Representatives of Lazy Zone Vacations assume no liability for risk, injury/death, damages/theft of personal property. You and all guests acknowledge that images of any persons on our property are subject to recording for the purposes stated above and may only be shared in the event that legal action, insurance claims, or other official uses are requested/required by third parties. We have surveillance in place to protect our guests and our property, to deter vandalism, theft, trespassing and violation of rental agreement terms, not to keep track of our guests activities. If you are not partaking in any of those activities, then you should not be concerned about monitoring during your stay. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or clarification.